On this page, you will find examples of the Way as embodied in
the words of various
teachers. Some of these teachers have touched
me through personal interactions. I will change the readings
so check back frequently. If a writer is new to you and the
words touch you in a deep place, you can research to find more
of that person's

These readings are not meant to provide advice, affirmations, or
still more ideals to live up to or leaders to follow. Rather, they are
meant to be read in a meditative fashion, allowing the words to
enter you and then noticing what thoughts, feelings, sensations,
or associations bubble up from within to be looked at and studied
as part of your inner exploration. Good discovering!!


“There is always more to say, more discoveries….. always something new,
something bigger than I can yet grasp.”.

                                                              Ron Kurtz (1936-2011)….developer of Hakomi Therapy



This reading is dedicated to Barry Stevens, born Mildred Fox
(1902-1985), who was a significant mentor during my youth, through her teachings, writings, and through personal


" In the beginning, I was one person, knowing nothing but my own
experience. Then I was told things, and I became two people: the
little girl who was told how terrible it was that the boys had a fire
going in the lot next door where they were roasting apples – and the
little girl, who…ran out and tended the fire because she loved doing

Then came in other I. Outside authority. This was confusing….because there
were so many outside authorities. Sit nicely. Leave the room to blow your
nose…. Always be nice to people. Even if you don’t like them, you mustn’t
hurt their feelings. Be frank and honest. If you don’t tell people what
you think of them, that’s cowardly…..

I is saying live with life. I is human. If someone needs, I gives. I
loves in a way that other I does not know. Other I says it isn’t
practical, get to work, do something worthwhile, you’ll come to a bad
end. I gets lost……
Both I’s have a house,…husband,… children,…
friends,…respectability,…security,….Other I says ”You’re lucky,”…while
I goes on crying….Other I goes on smiling. Smile,…be nice to everyone…
and you will be rewarded. Like the seal who gets tossed a piece of
fish. I is crying,…but now that is not heard and felt so much…….."

Suddenly: "What am I doing?" "Am I to go through life playing the
clown?" "How has this shell grown around me?"

I refuses to play the clown anymore...

"In trying to find my way out of this, I went two ways at once: a
search inside myself for what had gone wrong, and a search outside
myself for something to believe that would set me right. The outside
search was a flop. I never did find anything that I could entirely go
along with. The inside search was rewarding, and it was there that I
found that I didn't need to believe anything at all. Everything I
needed was right inside me."

from  "Person to Person: The Problem of Being Human"
             by  Carl Rogers and Barry Stevens


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