At Northern Lights, I offer counseling to young adults, teens, and families that combines several strength-based approaches which respect each client�s unique history and growth process. These methods are blended with interventions drawn from the expressive arts, and are informed by the wisdom of traditional cultures. The goal at Northern Lights is to stimulate and facilitate each client�s inner drive for more joyful and healthy living. Whether your goals involve inner growth,  more rewarding relationships, family or work life, release from the haunting effects of the past, finding better alternatives to high-risk behaviors , moving from inner confusion and conflict to clarity when making crucial decisions, or for teens, launching a safer more satisfying  journey  towards independence and adulthood, Northern Lights is committed to facilitating the process of finding your own voice and discovering and embodying your unique Self.

"The work for the client is self-discovery. Not problem solving. Not counseling. Not curing diseases."     Ron Kurtz (1936-2011) ....developer of Hakomi Therapy

"What can I tell you of life?  Nothing. My version of it is my own. Like trees, we have common roots, but our growth is very different".    from a Pueblo Indian poem (in Many Winters by Wood)

"The wise wield no authority."     J. Krishnamurti

"Happiness is realizing [and expressing] your true nature."          Sri Sri Ravi Shankar



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