At Northern Lights, we believe that healthy families have:

    § effective leadership from parents or other adult caregivers

    § good will in the relationships between family members

    § balance in the resources used by, importance enjoyed by,
and duties performed by all family members

    § a supporting environment in which all family members
 can develop their potential

Use your family's strengths to:

                        *     reduce destructive conflict between family members               
                      *    help your teen reduce high-risk behaviors and increase
                              school success

                          *    heal damaged relationships and build lasting connections
                              within the family

  *    foster growth for all family members while supporting
                              your teen's journey toward adulthood.


"The healthy family is in the constant motion of "becoming". You never really finish
the journey. The family rules and patterns are guidelines in the service of growth, and
are not meant to restrict change."

                                                                                Carl Whitaker (pioneering family therapist)
                                       from Dancing with the Family by Whitaker and Bumberry



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